Avaya Spaces

Everyone in the Same Room, No Matter Where They Are

Avaya Spaces is a cloud-based video conferencing and meeting app that supersizes team collaboration online. You create “spaces” for frequent topics and ongoing projects. Team members pop into the spaces to message, meet, share content, and more. Every member sees the action, so nothing is missed, and work keeps moving forward.

This simple, convenient way to communicate and manage tasks is a step up from individual video conferencing or messaging apps, combining both without the jump to large and expensive platforms. From screen sharing to video, voice, and chat with productivity and organizational tools, use Avaya Spaces to get work done from any device.

With Avaya Spaces you get:

  • Video ConferencingMeet face-to-face whether your team members are across the hall, or across the globe.
  • Meeting Space in the CloudAn always-on chat room so you can meet, collaborate, and more. Use video or simple conference call.
  • Unlimited File SharingA great Collaboration tool! Bounce ideas, documents, images, and more back and forth to really bring a project together.

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