Mobility and Wireless

Aruba Networks delivers an enterprise mobility solution that enables secure access to data, voice and video applications across wireless and wireline enterprise networks. Aruba Mobile Edge Architecture allows end-users to seamlessly roam to different locations within an enterprise campus or office building while maintaining secure and consistent access to all of their network resources.

Ascom is a global solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions. The vision of Ascom is to close digital information gaps allowing for the best possible decisions – anytime and anywhere. Ascom’s mission is to provide mission-critical, real-time solutions for highly mobile, ad hoc, and time-sensitive environments. Ascom uses its unique product and solutions portfolio and software architecture capabilities to devise integration and mobilization solutions that provide truly smooth, complete and efficient workflows for healthcare as well as for industry, security and retail sectors.

Extreme Networks delivers an effective applications and services infrastructure by creating networks that are faster, simpler and more cost-effective. Extreme Networks’s portfolio of high performance switches and software provide flexible, reliable and secure foundations for multiple IP-based applications from Voice over IP (VoIP) to streaming video.

HP’s Networking drives simplicity through streamlined data networking designs and centralized management; enhances agility with high performance security, and accelerated provisioning; and saves money with energy efficiency and low total cost of ownership.

HP networking specifically aims at businesses interested in reducing costs, decreasing network complexities, and enabling business agility.

SpectraLink Corporation, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, is the leading manufacturer and provider of wireless telephone systems for the workplace. SpectraLink has more installed systems, accumulated experience, and application knowledge than any other provider. SpectraLink Wireless Telephone Systems are increasing productivity and reducing costs in competitive industries such as Education, Healthcare, Finance, Industrial Services, and Retail.

Zebra Technologies offers mobility solutions for healthcare that connect the right patient to the right care, at the right time.  Zebra healthcare technology solutions connect medical providers to patient records, caregivers to colleagues and patients to practitioners for better care and better outcomes.

Zebra offers a robust product and solutions suite.  The technologies designed for healthcare include wristband and label printers, scanners, mobile computers and software that provide visibility and create efficiencies throughout the care environment. Zebra is a leader in patient identity, mobile healthcare and real-time locating and tracking. Let us bring the latest technology in healthcare to your facilities.