Altura Contact Center
Management Support

Contact centers have become strategic assets to most organizations. As your company depends more on these assets, the need for higher availability, quicker speed of answer and reliability is increased. Delivering a converged, complex contact center takes specialized knowledge and skills in a growing list of advanced technologies that include routing, management and reporting.

Altura’s managed services team is proud to offer our customers contact center management support.

Our goal is to help you manage the day-to-day operation of your contact center, to prevent incidents from happening and minimize their impact when they do occur. This includes making sure your equipment, applications and software are updated and supported to ensure peak performance. Altura will maintain information concerning your contact center configuration, individual elements and their relationships throughout the lifecycle of the contract. We provide remote and onsite implementation of software updates, software fixes and point releases.

Altura Contact Center Management Support
Altura’s contact center management support will help you with:
  • Accelerating the business benefits of Avaya advanced technologies and easing the adoption of future technologies
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Simplifying staffing complexities
  • Maintaining operational flexibility and control

Your company can shift the burden of managing all or part of your contact center applications to Altura while maintaining control. Our experienced team will monitor application performance and recommend proactive alternatives to achieve organization results.

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