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Supporting Healthcare Delivery Transformation

The challenges, issues, and expectations facing today’s healthcare providers are well documented. As a healthcare practitioner, you may be expected to manage patient safety, staff workflow and productivity, medical and records security, inventory and cost control, while striving to deliver the best possible patient care and outcomes 24/ 7/365. Putting the right applications in place creates solutions that can really make a difference.

By giving your patients and assets a digital footprint, our solutions enable you to view your resources and assess your options in real time, leading to better informed decisions and improved patient outcomes.

By harnessing the potential of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) while also combining technologies such as barcoding, RFID, and mobile computing, our advanced solutions go beyond standard machine-to-machine communications.

Altura and Zebra enable healthcare customers to:

  • Improve clinical collaboration and mobility for physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers
  • Reduce appointment wait times and administrative errors
  • Enhance patient access to specialists and caregivers
  • Increase provider mobility
  • Collaborate and diagnose patients faster
  • Improve the quality and transition of care
  • Decrease preventable readmissions
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