Healthcare Services


In part 8 of our 8-part video series, we focus on Services. Mr. Peter Johnson, a leading Healthcare executive who previously served as Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Medical Center CIO for 26 years, shares his critical observations on how his partnership with Altura and Avaya benefited his organization:

“I’d like to talk a little bit about services and what it’s meant to us over the last 15 years.

And really, the nature of your day-to-day activities are critically important that you need somebody who’s going to be there, somebody who’s always on call, someone who has redundant data centers, someone that can actually deliver those kinds of services when you need on a day-to-day basis, in addition to the overall project.

Sometimes when you create the correct talent and you have the subject matter experts that you need, that you need to draw from a national pool. One of the advantages of Altura is they do have a national presence and that allows greater flexibility to get the right people to do the right job at the right time, again.

And what we have found is they’ve been able to bring those people that we need on the job at the right time. It has culminated for us in a high-level of satisfaction with their award-winning service levels.”

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