Healthcare Systems Evolve


In part 2 of our 8-part video series, we focus on how Healthcare Systems Evolve. Mr. Peter Johnson, a leading Healthcare executive who previously served as Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Medical Center CIO for 26 years, shares his critical observations on how his partnership with Altura and Avaya benefited his organization:

“Healthcare in hospitals and health systems in the future will continue to change and evolve. We will see that the percentage of our Gross Domestic Product spend on healthcare will start to level out. And we’re just going to need to be more effective and efficient.

Some of those changes would include specialization on the part of Clinicians, others, different types of work forces that we will have. We will also start to see more decentralized care with many, many things taking place in homes, outpatient centers, and biomedical equipment tying into a broader system as a way to evolve to be more effective, efficient and to keep the population healthy as we move forward.”

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