Collaboration With Avaya & Altura


In part 6 of our 8-part video series, we focus on Collaboration with Avaya and Altura. Mr. Peter Johnson, a leading Healthcare executive who previously served as Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Medical Center CIO for 26 years, shares his critical observations on how his partnership with Altura and Avaya benefited his organization:

“I’d like to talk a little bit about the future and collaboration with respect to Avaya and Altura. Because in many respects it is this collaboration with the health care organization that’s going to allow us to provide the appropriate services.

And what you’ll see is both organizations will come alongside your organization, in an effort, like a three-legged stool, to think about how best to do the analysis as the first step. Figuring out what those services are going to be and how that service is going to be implemented within your organization. Helping set expectations, create project management, create project plans on what to do. And all of those things, traditionally, we’ve not looked for the vendors to do. But they will come in and help with that. So when it comes time to implement and then to actually use, that the system will work as we expect it. That kind of integration as things change in healthcare is critically important as we move forward.

Much of the world in the future is going to be greater collaborations between health care organizations, the nursing home with the hospital, the small hospital with the large hospital, two separate organizations, hospitals with patients. All that level requires collaboration and integration in the creation of those applications.

And both Avaya and Altura are prepared with their professional services to come alongside of your own staff in having successful outcomes as you move forward.”

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