Systems Integrator


In part 7 of our 8-part video series, we focus on Collaboration with Avaya and Altura. Mr. Peter Johnson, a leading Healthcare executive who previously served as Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Medical Center CIO for 26 years, shares his critical observations on how his partnership with Altura and Avaya benefited his organization:

“I’d like to talk a little bit about Avaya and Altura as a systems integrator. And I really think it starts with an open architecture that’s been endorsed by both organizations as a way to move forward.

The answer is not “you must replace”, but “we must integrate collectively”. For myself and for many of you, that’s critically important as we think about how best to create the right environment and get the right product and solutions for our internal customers that are trying to deliver patient care.

The things that that would entail would be: the scope, the communications, development of plans, budgets, and then execution of all of that as a way to move forward. And that’s critically important to get the solution that we need for all of us.”

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